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I have placed here all my favorite Links.
Some of them are of my own, others belong to very close friends of mine.
My family site is written in English, German and Portuguese languages.
My children´s site are bilingual (German and Portuguese).
The ones I have buit for my godchildren are only in German language available.

I hope you enjoy visiting them much as I do...

And if you want your site to be added here, please email me your banner (or logo).
And don´t forget to send me your URL.


Sites made and maintained by me:


Bemvindo EmCasa da Tania Banner

Our family site is my very first homepage and was made in HTML.
It is my favorite site and I love it because I have spent a lot of time doing it without any computer knowledge.
It was a very hard training.

Luizas Site Banner

My daughter´s (8 years old) Site written in HTML (german/portuguese).
She has choosen everything for her Page (songs, backgrounds, gifs, game and pictures).

Lucianos Site Banner

My son´s (12 years old) Homepage is the third one written in HTML and is bilingual too.
It is not completely ready, because he´s trying to make his own songs in his keyboard.
I am afraid it will take some time...

My Angels Site

This is my Site about A-N-G-E-L-S (in English) !!!

Laurins Page Banner

My godchild Nr1 Homepage - german language.

Leandros World Banner

My godchild Nr2 Homepage - german language.



My favorites sites


Designed by Women Logo
Lovely site about women all around the world who have made their own Homepages.

My Elegant Roses Membership Plaque
The Elegant Roses is a friendship group too joined from women all over this world.
It is a very funny one and the members are really “cool”.

My RAOK European Membership Plaque       My RAOK South American Membership Plaque
Random Act of Kindness - RAOK
This is what I call a very nice site about helping and getting to know people of many different nations, religions and cultures.

WOSIB Membership Plaque
Very strong women, nice works...

My GOF Membership Plaque
Fine, very very fine, I can not describe it...

Computer Friends Logo
For all those who are computer freaks !


Free-For-All Links
Add a link to your website!


My Participation Plaque
I have a friendship square there!


GOFs 1st Birthday Participation Logo Square  Barbiels Square for GOF 1st Birthday Quilt  Barbiels Square for GOFs 2nd Birthday QuiltSquare
I have a square at GOF´s First Birthday - July 1, 2001 and Second too - July 1, 2002


PWOTW  Participation Square
I have also a square at Phenomenal Women Of The Web.


PSPIZ Buttom

Visit the PSP Interactive Zone


Stargazers Banner
Stargazer´s site is a “must”. Here you can find some useful links to PSP tubes.

PrincessMS Banner
PrincessMS Homepage has a very well done layout.


My banner for you. Link:





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