I belong to a very interesting Group - Designed by Women.

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DBWC Exchange

My DBW Heart

They have those beautiful Friendship Quilts made from our Members.


This is # 1

The Designed By Women Community
Janines Square Dawns Square DTigerWomans Square Starshines Square Silkes Square
Cynthias Square Julies Square Bumkins Square RealmWanderers Square Barbiels Square
Seas Square Angel Dees Square Dianes Square Stargazers Square Lelas Square

This is # 2

The Designed By Women Community
Mystmarias Square Panthers Square Pattys Square Lady Marquises Square Audrones Square
Lady Mystics Square Leslies Square Kathleens square Joannes Square Lalias Square
DBW Square Mandys Square Infinitys Square Storytellers Square Devs Square

My squares for you. Take as many as you want... (more to come).

Quilt World - Friendship Squares (more to come...:o)))

Barbiels Square
Barbiels Square
Barbiels Square

Miscellaneous Squares (all stuff)

Barbiel  Happy Birthday Square
Barbiels Foto Square
Tanias USA Solidarity Square
Barbiels Halloween Square
Barbiel Thanksgiving


Please link to http://quiltworld.freeservers.com/dbwquilt.html

Thank you !!!



The Site Fights Blooming Baskets
Send a Blooming Basket!

Ok...for those of you that know me, you know I love these baskets!
I am sending along a Halloween basket to you all...
if you put it up now it will be blooming for Halloween week!
(If you get this more than once...I'm sorry...I'm sending it to a couple different mailing lists.)

Love ya,



!!! Designed by Women was closed October 2002 !!!

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